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          "In the quest for competitive advantage, organizations continually search for the next 'big thing,' that application, service, business methodology, or unique way of using technology that will catapult them ahead of their competitors and reward them with increased profits. In a volatile business climate where product life cycles are shrinking and global markets make it easier for new competitors to capture market share, that search -- and its result -- becomes critical to the organization's survival.

          Into this arena comes yet another new business term: 'Corporate Performance Management' or CPM ... But in many respects this doesn't seem to be anything new. After all, organizations have always sought to manage their performance. So what makes CPM different from traditional methods of management, and is CPM really the next 'big thing', or just another passing fad?"

          Michael Coveney, Comshare® Incorporated, offers a series of guest columns explaining the significance of CPM appearing with his permission in The Business Forum  Online®.



Bullet   CPM: What it is and how it is different from traditional approaches? -- Part One

Bullet   CPM: Systems and Steps to CPM -- Part Two

Bullet   CPM: 12 Best Practices in Implementing a Solution -- Part Three

Bullet   CPM: Selecting the Right Technologies -- Part Four (A)

Bullet   CPM: Selecting the Right Technologies -- Part Four (B)

Bullet   CPM: Selecting a CPM Vendor -- Part Five

Bullet   CPM: Emerging Technology Systems -- Part Six


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See also:
The Strategy Gap: Leveraging Technology to Execute Winning Strategies
Michael Coveney, Brian Hartlen, Dennis Ganster and David King
John Wiley & Sons, 224 pages, US$27.97 / 22.98 (

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