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Brandie E. Conforti

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          Brandie is the Executive Director of WorldBoston. During her three year tenure at WorldBoston, she has developed and initiated the Emerging Leaders program which currently encompasses two State Department projects: International Visitors and Community Connections. She also previously served as the Director of International Visitors. Schooled in Political Science and Middle Eastern/International Affairs, she takes an avid interest in all that is global. Her main interests remain in international security and, additionally, the role diplomacy can play in diffusing non-traditional forms of global conflict. During her university years at Holy Cross, she interned at the United States Department of State in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis analyzing security threats and political stability in sub-Saharan Africa while maintaining a top-secret security clearance. Prior to WorldBoston she worked at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Currently a resident of Boston, she is active in her local community's civic scene and looks forward to opportunities to travel the world.

          Brandie E. Conforti can be contacted at:

617.542.8995, Extension 103


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