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The Brand Played On!
Understanding & Applying Branding

Jessica C. McWade
The Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston

November 19, 2003
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McWade Photo           Everyone talks branding these days, but what does that word really mean? Branding remains a much-touted but loosely defined term.

          McWade Group President Jessica McWade recently conducted a branding workshop for The Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston (Massachusetts). This workshop focused on the particular branding needs of non-profit organizations. Given limited resources, it is essential that non-profits have a strategic plan in place, and develop their branding and messaging from that firm foundation. (Of course, these concepts are equally applicable to financial, industrial and service enterprises.)

          In the PowerPoint ® presentation entitled "The Brand Played On!" Ms. McWade provides concepts, definitions and examples that help make branding a more understandable and useful subject.



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PowerPoint ® Presentation of

      The Brand Played On!      
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Jessica C. McWade is President of McWade Group, Inc., a management consulting practice specializing in strategic planning, leadership development and branding. See: Professional Profile of Jessica C. McWade


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