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Dr. Jim Metzler

          Dr. Jim Metzler is widely recognized as an authority on both network technology and its business applications. In over 28 years of professional experience, Jim has assisted tens of vendors to refine their product strategies and simultaneously helped over a hundred enterprises evolve their network infrastructure.

          Jimís current interests include the evaluation and deployment of Layer 3 switching, the use of Voice over IP, as well as the deployment of service management. Jim has recently helped several enterprises to establish processes for network baselining, capacity and budget planning, as well as network chargeback. He has assisted a major CLEC plan and design both its network as well as its service offerings.

          Dr. Metzler has worked in many positions in the networking industry. This includes creating software tools to design networks; being an engineering manager for high speed data services for a major Telco; being a product manager for network hardware; managing networks at two Fortune 500 companies; directing and performing market research at a major industry analyst firm; and running a consulting organization.

          Jim holds a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis from Boston University. He is a columnist in InternetWeek and a member of the Networld + Interop Planning Committee. He is in the final stages of completing the co-authoring of a book to be published by Prentice Hall entitled The Successful Deployment of Layer 3 Switching and has signed a contract with Prentice Hall to co-author a book entitled The Successful Deployment of Voice Over IP. Jim conducts tutorials on both local and wide area networking at ComNet in Washington, D.C. and at Networld + Interop, both in the United States and Europe. Dr. Metzler is both a faculty member and an advisor to Northeastern Universityís State of the Art Program in Networking.

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Dr. Jim Metzler
Voice: 239.395.3152 -- Facsimile: 801.760.6433

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