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Pamela Murtaugh

          Pamela Murtaugh is president of business-redefinition firm Murtaugh/Match Associates Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, a company she founded in 1987. Murtaugh/Match applies a proprietary, needs-based business model to help consumer products companies find sustainable growth by developing latent opportunities in crowded markets. Murtaugh began her career in 1984 as a member of the venture team at M&M/Mars, where she was responsible for the launch of the Kudos brand.

          Since its founding, Murtaugh/Match has developed market-leading and award- winning business, brand and product positionings for clients such as Kraft Foods, AT&T, MasterCard International, and Mead-Johnson Nutritionals. Among the achievements, one consumer products company that had failed in nine previous attempts succeeded in creating a $100 million brand in a so-called "mature market." Another client repositioned a money-losing staple brand, reversed a decade of failure with an 8 percent revenue increase, and won awards for its new advertising. In 1996, Murtaugh/Match was responsible for two of the three top-selling consumer brand introduction in the U.S.

Murtaugh/Match Associates, Inc.
6515 Grand Teton Plaza, Suite 241
Madison, Wisconsin 53719

Voice: 608.829.2122 -- Facsimile: 608.829.2022

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