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marginIt doesn't matter how long you have been in business, your business can't survive without customers. Being able to gain your customers' attention is the most critical factor in your business success.

marginCustomers only buy because of a benefit that your business provides. It is called — WIIFM (What's in it for me?) If you make your store a more inviting place to be, people will prefer to buy from you instead of the competitors.

marginA. What benefits do you offer?

marginB. What are you doing better than your competition?

marginC. What are they doing better than you?

Trick is to Know the Competition

marginToday, there is a new tough consumer... they demand value — they love choices — they love new products — they want convenience — they want to save time -— they don't want hassle — and they enjoy fun-filled experiences.

margin1.) Design compelling customer-winning advertising

margin2.) Create eye-catching direct mailing sales letter(s)

margin3.) Use interior and exterior point-of-sale signs

margin4.) Implement distinctive ways to display stock

margin5.) Merchandise your store to get the highest response

marginThe bottom line is this: If you don't do an exceptional job of training employees... motivate customers to take action... or don't do the strongest job to sell them once you have their attention... you are cheating your company of profits it could potentially be earning.

Bullet   Be Prepared to Make Changes

Bullet   Identify Unfilled Market Niches

Bullet   Display Warmth of a Smaller Store

Bullet   Improve Your Level of Customer Service

Bullet   Utilize the Latest Business Technology

Bullet   Develop a Long Term Business Plan

marginIn the final analysis, don't ever take customers for granted. Most people have so many demands on their time… so many situations interrupting their day, with so many things on their everyday to-do lists. That's why you must communicate with them in a timely newsworthy manner with powerful messages to collectively capture their precious time.

marginBob Nelson is President of POWER Retailing. The company works with retailers to create strategic marketing and promotional plans to quickly strengthen your cash flow and financial position. Powerful solutions to improve cash flow, profit margins and the net worth of your business.


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