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          Abe WalkingBear Sanchez is the first visionary leader of the profit centered credit and collection movement. Recognized as the leading practitioner in the field, he is the developer of the copyrighted Profit System of credit and Collection Management, the Sanchez Inverted Pyramid Past Due Model and the Credit Cycle Model. Founder and President of A/R Management Group, Abe is a frequently published author and is featured in several training videos.

          A hard-hitting and fast paced speaker, Abe brings life and energy to a critical business function whose true potential has yet to be realized by most businesses.

          TEC (The Executive Committee), "Inc" Magazine Annual Business Conference, CI (Denver), CSU (Ft. Collins), NASFT, PEI, BCFM, RAB, STAFDA, WIMA, ISD, Pet Industry Distributors Assn., Rain Bird, American Lock, Southern Wholesalers Assn., Touchstone/2000 Software are but a few of the groups, schools, companies and associations for whom Abe has conducted programs. Abe can be reached through:

A/R Management Group, Inc., 718 Hainlen Street, Trinidad, CO 81082-1912
(719) 846-2661

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